U&I Business

U&I GROUP is a professional organization dedicated to comprehensive cross-border services covering legal,commercial, wealth, taxation, accounting and auditing etc.. The professional team consists of senior practicing accountants,lawyers, tax professionals and foreign affairs consultants, and has accumulated rich practical experiences in cross-border investments M&A, overseas listings, overseas financing, offshore structuring, wealth planning & allocation, and family wealth inheriting & developing.

U&I GROUP now has established branches in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Jinan, and has built a partners’ database covering over 160 countries and districts, and with a professional service team familiar with different languages, cultures, laws and financing systems, U&I GROUP is able to help the overseas expansion of Chinese enterprises.

Adhering to the service concept of “expertise, efficiency and fulfillment” and the culrute of U&I”to satisfy others to fulfill ourselies”, U&I GROUP has been rooted in such cross-border services for 20 years, and experienced the overseas development of Chinese enterprises, acting as strategic consultant, special lecturer or expert advisor, for government departments, banks, famed enterprises, wealth management institutions and cross-border assets management institutions, fully integrating into the process of China’s economic globalization.

U&I Qualification

In order to better serve the multi-level needs of Chinese enterprises' cross-border strategies and to make our services compliant and professional, U&I GROUP has been committed to creating a full-licensed platform in cross-border services, covering registered agent, accounting firm, law firm, trust and corporate services. Till now, U&I GROUP already has acquired several licenses and qualifications at home and abroad.

U&I GROUP holds registered agent licenses in many offshore jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Seychelles, Anguilla, Panama, and Belize through joint investment and associates.

U&I GROUP invests secretarial company jointly with Hong Kong senior lawyer, and already obtained the TRUST OR COMPANY SERVICE PROVIDER LICENSE, providing Hong Kong local services such as Hong Kong company formation, bank account opening consultation, Hong Kong business center, Hong Kong identity acquiring etc..

In order to satisfy the needs of the clients for international tax advisory, accounting and auditing services, U&I GROUP has established accounting firms respectively in Hong Kong and Chicago to provide such services.

Lawyers in U&I GROUP legal team have practiced many years in foreign legal affairs, with deep understanding of the laws of offshore jurisdictions, and have rich experiences in large-scale cross-border projects.

U&I Value

Name: Union Intelligence, uniting the sexist brains.

Our abbreviation U&I, You and I, means a bridge connecting you and me. U&I is here because of you, and your success is U&I’s achievement.

Our claims:

To provide long-term, robust and professional supports to every client, creating value together;

To reinforce advantageous complementarities, brainstorming and resource integration with each strategic partner, achieving mutual benefit;

To offer pioneering and passionate platform to all U&I staff, growing together with each other.